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Learn the cutting edge web technologies from the experts in the industry. Practical training would make you fit for getting a job in the IT industry.

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JS Expert

How you can become an JS Expert?

JS Expert
JS Expert

Learning the fundamentals

Many times we tend to skip the fundamentals and dive deeper into frameworks which would result in inefficient foundation. It is important to learn the basics and the courses we provide would let you think from a programmer's perspective.

JS Expert

Practical coding sessions

Every single topic which is learned in the course would be accompanied by practical coding sessions. This would let you experience what you learned in a practical way.

JS Expert portfolio

Create your portfolio

One of the important things which would make you stand out while searching for the job is having your portfolio. We give a guarantee that you would have at least 2 working apps in your github portfolio when you complete this course.

Courses offered

JS Expert

JS Expert

React JS & Redux

✓ Learn advanced React JS concepts practically

✓ Manage state using Redux

✓ Create at least two frontend Apps

✓ Create a GitHub portfolio with working apps

✓ Write unit tests using Jest and React testing library

✓ Write end to end tests using Cypress

✓ Tips on how to clear React JS interviews

✓ Course only on weekend

✓ Career assistance

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Know your trainer

JS Expert

JS Expert

Hentry Martin

Senior Software Engineer, Germany.

Zalando SE

I am originally from Chennai but currently lives in Germany. I work as a Senior software engineer in Zalando. It's the Europe's largest ecommerce platform. I have more than 9 years of experience as a Full stack engineer and have good experience in teaching others about technologies and frameworks. Apart from working fulltime as a software engineer, I do spend time in competitive programming platform such as Topcoder and won several coding competitions in it.